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Solution : your doctor will guide you regarding treating your Cushings syndrome. You may need a surgery, or radiation therapy, or mostly medication to control excess production of cortisol can serve the purpose. For hirsutism, your doctor may prescribe you anti-androgens mostly in combination with oral contraceptives. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, congenital adrenal hyperplasia or cah is a rare genetic disorder in which there is a decreased cortisol production but increased adrenocorticotropic hormone (acth) production. Along with hirsutism and irregular periods, women afflicted with this disorder show male pattern baldness termed alopecia, acne, and rapid skeletal advancement and rapid growth. Solution : In many cases you wont be needing any treatment.

without cos). One of the causes for pcos is overproduction of the hormone lh that stimulates the ovaries to produce excess of androgens resulting in imbalance of sex hormones in the body. Pcos can also occur because of malfunctioning of the bodys blood sugar controlling systemor the syndrome may also be inherited. Solution : Birth control pills or hormone therapy depending on the age of the woman is suggested as treatment for pcos. Spironolactone, a diuretic, is effective against hirsutism when administered in doses of 100200 mg daily, according to a study published in the International journal of Womens health. The treatment however needs to be continued for more than 6 months to be really effective. Cushings syndrome, another reason for hirsutism in women is Cushings syndrome, a disorder characterized by a flabby hump between the shoulders, round face, and pink or purple stretch marks on the skin. This is a disorder where cortisol levels are present in excess in your body. Cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, plays an important role in how your body responds to stress, regulates blood pressure, and helps with metabolism. Long term use of corticosteroids could also lead to cushings syndrome.

Excessive unwanted hair growth is generally caused by abnormally high androgen olaplex (male sex hormone) levels or if your hair follicles are more sensitive to normal androgen levels. When a girl reaches her puberty she produces both female and male sex hormones and these are in a balance. If the balance is disturbed because of an abnormality in ovaries, it results in over-production of androgen or underproduction of female sex hormones, or there is an abnormality in adrenal glands, and the consequence is hirsutism. There are a number sciatica of causes for hirsutism. Ethnicity, women from the mediterranean countries and Indian subcontinent tend to be more hirsute than those from East Asian, sub-Saharan African, African-American, native american, and Northern European origin. Solution : There is not much you can do about your race and ethnicity. So, the best way you can deal with it is by removing the unwanted through waxing, via laser and electrolysis, creams and depilatories, and shaving or tweezing. Family history, you may also have the gene for excess facial and body hair. If your mother and sister have hirsutism, you will be more prone to developing excess hair growth in places you dont want. Family history of hirsutism commonly runs in the ethnic groups mentioned earlier, so it is considered normal and is not the sign of a disorder. Solution : Well, if the excess hair growth affect you psychologically, get rid of them via any of the hair removal techniques.

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If youre tired of trying to get rid of those unwanted, unsightly hair on your face or on your body, you huidinstituut need to get to the botom of it all. This distressing, but thankfully, not a life threatening problem of unwanted and huidinstituut excessive hair growth is termed hirsutism. Scientists define hirsutism in women as excessive growth of long, stiff, and sometimes curly hair in a pattern commonly seen in men. Places where you typically find this type of hair growth are. Upper lips, chin, temple (sideburn areas). Chest and areole (the pigmented area around the nipples). Upper and lower back, linea alba (the white line that runs down the middle of abdomen). Inner thighs and buttocks, hirsutism may also be accompanied by signs and symptoms such as irregular periods, acne, and virilization in the form male pattern baldness, deepening of voice, loss of female fat distribution and decreased breast size.

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Excessive hair growth in men
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